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07.03.2018 14:40
Hello Leon and Sarah,
Your latest post in LeChameau waders is one of my all-time favorites.
07.03.2018 11:31
Die neuen Fotos sind echt spitze
06.03.2018 13:13
Hallo Sara und Leon,

Ich wusste ja nicht dass unseren Passion so gefährlich sein könnte big grin glasses
03.03.2018 01:30
Very nice and beautiful photos, my favorite is Sarah in yellow raincoat. I love your yellow raincoat outfit. Please more from this. winklovekiss
28.02.2018 18:59
Since 2006 I have followed you and have many great pictures and video's from all the years. Although I am an amputee, wading in mud with boots is still my favorite pastime. My favorite pictures of you are when you are in waders.
15.02.2018 07:41
Yellow bib-pants, waders, Marigolds....simply FANTASTIC!!!
03.01.2018 15:25
Hallo Sara und Leon,

Viele gute Wünschen für das neue Jahr. und wieder viel Spass und Matsch in 2018 wünsche ich Euch. glasses
Pieter Smit
22.12.2017 23:38
22-12-2017 The Netherlands
Hi Sarah and Leon!
Every week, I am enjoyed your pictures from Sarah in her rubber and leather boots in the mud! I like that very much your weekly side!
Hopely in the New Year(201glasses that you both to be continue this excellent side for us as supporting or as fean. Sarah in sexy miniskirt or dress or others in your rubber and leather boots and Leon the beautiful pictures! At last; I wish you both a merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy,Prosperity and Healty New Year(201glasses! Loves and greetings from your big fean: PIETER SMIT from the Netharlands
07.12.2017 09:01
Nice! New Advent Calendar- a candy for every day smile
Did I miss the Thanksgiving 2017 special? Or wasn't there any?
30.11.2017 10:41
Hi Sara, You Hit the spot again. What a nice outfit and what a super mudpit you guys have found


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